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Question ordering cosplay goods from korea?

im sorry for asking a stupid question at 12:30 at night but >_<
has anyone ordered from wigs from korea before??
if you did, how was the quality and where did u order it from?
my grandparents are coming over here sometime next year,
and i wanna get some cosplay stuff since they are like.. cheap X3;;
but i asked the ppl at the korean cosplay store about their wigs and their asnwers were
"we dont know the fiber, its some kind of plastic"
"we also dont know the length of the wig"
so that got me worried.. a little ;;
so yeah.. is this common when ordering wigs/cosplay stuff in korea >_<??
does any of you guys actually order cosplay related things from korea?
thanks~ <3 <3 <3
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