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Take Orders and selling cosplay

We are selling cosplay and take orders making it. We operate in Japan and provided some cosplay costume for local shop here. Take orders from all over the world. Just pm me or give some mail to for more detail .The photo below we provide in 3 different sizes M. L . XL
Accept paypal for payment. Sending via EMS about 24$ to US
these are some cosplay costume that we already made.

kujibiki unbalance 90$

Maid caffe akihabara custom 95$

Ramune 80$

Shuffle!nerine 80$

GUndam series 90$

Dr. Grayman 75$

Sakura taisen III 90$
I make costume in the best way that I can.
Please check my tread to see some of my project and probably I can help you with your project

you can start by looking to my website at

or just drop me an email

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