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Recommendations & Warnings for Costume Commissioners + Shops

EDIT: If you are looking for a review of a certain commissioner, PLEASE scroll to the bottom of this thread and use the "search" field in the bottom right corner! You are likely to find dozens of reviews. Thanks! -Jia, Administrator

I was looking online today and happen to come accross a site I have been looking for, for a long time. There is a website below that belongs to someone who will scam you... I have heard alot of bad Experiences with this person.

Here is their site: ( do not get them to make a costume!)

The Cosplay Shop

There are sites that have proof about bad experiences with this person.

here is one that was made a while back but made me look for the site for a long time. people were still getting ripped off too.

The Cosplay Shop Scam

Here is also another one that gives you a testimate from someone who was scammed and the person's Ebay seller name.

Lion Heart's Cosplay: Cosplay Scams

If you want to see the profile of the person on Ebay look here but DO NOT BUY!!

Ebay seller: garylo2000

Notice that all the good feedback is from stuff they bought and bad from what they sold. If anyone knows this person's new Ebay name please contact me. Funny how they are no longer a member since they scammed people.

Hope this helps someone!

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