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Originally Posted by Feral
Personally I wouldn't buy anything from someone whose site (if you could call it that) is hosted by Geocities. First of all, it means they're not paying anything for the service, when means they're probably not a legit business. And secondly, they're scamming Geocities by violating their user policy, so why wouldn't they scam me as well?
I'd have to agree with her on this one. Not that free-service servers means you're a scammer, but Geocities just doesn't look professional, period.

I had a site on Geocities (my first one, mind you) and they are not the type you'd want to host a professional online commission site with. No offense, but Geocities is for amatures who can't be bothered with designing their own layouts. Geocities comes with preset layouts and a choppy cut and paste interfacing that looks like one made their site with Microsoft Word. (ducks behind chair) Don't flame me, but that's my personal opinion based on my experience with Geocities.
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