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Thanks soo much for adding this info. This shines more light on my investigation. It also helps others too to be aware of those names.

Originally Posted by ShinWHO
I know exactly who you are talking about. I have a huge collection of costumes from Japanese shops (COSPA, COSMODE, MANDARAKE, etc.), Yahoo Auctions Japan and eBay, and unfortunately dealt with this person more than once. First, as w2kwong, which is still registered with relatively good feedback. I gave neutral feedback because I actually got a pretty good costume, just had to put up with ridiculous BS with shipping. Person showed up as Wai Wai Kwong on Paypal, but item was sent by Gary Lo. Plus it wasn't the same item as in the pictures. Then, as cchan2005 (Carmen Chan), who I tried to get 2 costumes from and showed up on Paypal as Simon Lo. One I never got and the other was delivered from someone named Iris Chan unfinished with missing accessories I paid for. As soon as I left 2 negative feedbacks and asked if they knew who w2kwong was, they were immediately no longer registered on eBay. This person is also responsible for the aweful cosplayaustralia website and has used the e-mail address among many others that I still have records of. I was seriously considering going after them for fraud at one point.
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