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Originally Posted by Eriol
There are many things that hinder attempts at prosecuting scammers.

1) Limited or lack of information on the person. For example, many transactions go through Paypal. Most times, a person sees only a name. Without knowing where the person lives, it is difficult to prosecute. Paypal isn't going to divulge personal information unless there is a court order.

2) Time and money to chase people down. Lawyer fees cost quite a bit. Even if a person goes through small claims court as an alternative to an attorney, that person needs to spend time to understand the process, show up at the court house, and pay filing fees.

3) Paypal's statute of limitations for complaints. Paypal has a limited time period for people to submit a complaint, so they can investigate. Many scams are reported after this statute of limitations has long passed. After this expiration, Paypal has no obligation to investigate.

You have just stated my main three reasons why I do not like Paypal for commission transactions.
I know alot of people don't like it, but I prefer PO Money Orders or AMex Money Orders for the fact that they are secured and my customers will have my mailing addy in the event they are displeased
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