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Hum good to know thanx ^_^.
Normally when theres an costume i cant make or have someone help me make. I ask a commissioner to do it.
Iv only been ripped off 5 times so far. But I know in my heart not everyone is bad out there. So just cause of an few bad experance I still move on.
I was ripped off by
Elf Eater's Broken Sunglasses. (I won agent them But they are no longer around)
DarkDragonFly aka Wigs by Camatha
LimbBarb. (i wasnt ripped off by them But ahaha it took half an year to get what I ordered.)
Setsuna Kou. I asked her to maken a Ishtar costume for me from Macross 2.& she made it all wrong. & charges WAY to much to begin with.

Heres an link of others whom do commissions though

aww wouldnt it be nice if there were honest people still left?
It just seams to me the cosplay world is starting to really attract some bad people v,v. I wish things would go back to the way it use to be.
Nice friendly happy people. Everyone so willing to help. Costume were simple and no one fought over whoms costume is the best. *sigh*

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