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I'll second the SetsunaKou mention. The first part of a costume I bought from them, about three to four years ago, was well made and of good fabric. Everything else, however, was either off in color, cheap fabric, or just smelled like smoke and had strands of black hair all over it. They insist in trying on every costume they make before they ship it out, too. Although some people say their Sailor Senshi costumes are of decent quality, I think that's about the only thing they make somewhat well. Especially if you have a character with a lot of detail, or metallic trims like belts and the like, don't go to her. Everything she'll make will be out of fabric, even costume accessories and trims that are supposed to be metallic, like belt buckles and the like.

I'd like to add Pegasus Maiden onto here. I commissioned a blazer and school skirt uniform over a year ago from her, and while everything came on time, the fabrics were limp (not suiting material, very wrinkly, and I'd requested sturdy material), the skirt had really small pleats while I requested for either a circle skirt or larger pleats, I could still see interfacing in the lapels when she could have finished it off, and various trims were missing. Not to mention both items were two to three sizes too big, and after trying them on and re-measuring myself, they were the same measurements I'd sent her before. Stuff on her website looks really nice, but the costume I recieved I couldn't even fix, nor could a seamstress when I brought it to someone local. I was really disappointed.

I also have commissioned limebarb back in late August/early September for an agreed due date of November 15th, 2005. I still haven't recieved my costume even though she told me she'd send me pictures last sunday and ship it out on Monday. And as we live in the same city, I don't think it takes this long to ship. :/ She's also ignoring my emails, too.

We should start a thread of commissioners we've had good experiences with! Balance out all of the negativity.

Also, has anyone worked with nugrosjp? Their stuff looks decent, but I've never seen their costumes on anyone or know anyone who's commissioned them. They seem to have decent contact with potential buyers though, but I haven't paid them any money yet so I'm not sure what'll happen if I do. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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