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Originally Posted by Eriol
If you have specific fabric or material preferences in mind in regards to the construction of a costume, you should inform the commissioner upfront. Otherwise, you are giving the commissioner permission to use his or her costuming expertise in determining how your costume is to be made.

This type of project really needs to be a partnership. The client needs to fully express his or her "vision" of the outfit to the commissioner. Likewise, the commissioner should listen to the client in addition to providing his or her expertise on the matter. If the client does not mention any preferences, the commissioner should ask, just so there isn't any surprises later.
I always email off TONS of pics with every angle, or make my own doll and send it showing every angle. Then I offer to send the fabric, and I let them know exactly what I want. Sometimes I feel like I'm annoying the person but it's the only way I can get something without surprises
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