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Originally Posted by Rain Miko
SO true! I just had someone want a quote on a wig for InuYasha, and I lost their business because they said they found someone who could do it for $50. Whoever THAT is, I bid them luck. QUOTE]

Hey that was probably me that offered that, because I want to make a better looking one than the one on my site. Just because I want to do it for cheap does not mean I'm going to scam them.... I am just willing to invest some of my time on the wig so I promote myself better. I do that from time to time.

Same thing goes for costumes too. If there's a costume I want to REALLY make badly then alot of times I give discounts on costumes. Sure I may not make much off of it but I will in the future because people are more likey to get you to do a commission if they can see a picture of a costume they want that we have done before.

I'm sorry that I took your commission, but it's not even a sure thing yet. He's waiting to get his Inuyasha costume first.

Just wanted to make that clear to everyone and to apoligize to you. By the way would this person happen to be Urmasterinuyasha? If so then that was me alright that gave him the offer and I'm sorry if I made you mad, but I only did it for advertisment only. You have to spend money sometimes when you have a bussiness.

I don't mind you doing the commission for him. I can't stop you, and I have no intention. It's just that some of us can't exactly invest free time and our own pocket money into costumes for other people (assuming it's a commission, and not a gift). If I did, I'm sure I would go bankrupt. And trust me, I do give low prices. If you figure an x-long wig, 2 extensions, fabric for the ears (2 colors), a styrofoam wighead, t-pins, a wigcap, plus use of tools, and small things like thread, hairspray, and not to mention shipping charges from the people your getting your supplies from, it can add up. And I believe in providing the highest quality I can, I won't do a 'cheap' order for someone, because that isn't how I want my services to be seen.

But hey. Every commissioner has different policies, different ways of doing business, and different prices. Which is why the comminuity is so diverse. And I like it this way

So, if I offended anyone, I apologise. I was just little upset at the time. So, let's all go back to being happy ^_^
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