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Originally Posted by Yunalicia
Ok so with all these people scammed what would be the best way to advertise yourself as a commissioner so people would know you are legit. Or would at least take a further look into your stuff?

Factors to increase (but do not necessarily guarantee) your credibility:
1) You should have many pictures of your past works.

2) You should be able to describe your work when asked.

3) Any of your written communications should be follow proper grammar and spelling. Written communications include emails, ads, and website content. Minor spelling errors are generally more tolerated than grammatical errors, but it would still be best to check your spelling.

4) Avoid hosting services that put up ads. Unfortunately, many hosting services are not free if you want to avoid ads.

5) Have clear information about payment schedules, warranties, and contact information. Having a real mailing address and phone helps. If you want to make a real business out of this, you'll want a mailing address and phone that is different from the ones for your residence.

6) Have a contract that you and the client must sign.

7) Ask past clients if you could use them as a reference. If a new potential client asks for references, you will be able to give them. Please note that it is considered unethical to give out somebody's contact information if you didn't get permission beforehand from that person.

8) Develop a reputation for making quality goods and delivering them on time. This will increase the number of happy clients and make it more likely you can get references from them. (See #5)

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