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Originally Posted by natsukoarts
Dude, if you get into PARSONS, go to PARSONS, best in the universe.
As a New Yorker migrated to the "West" that is the way to go!
Heehee wow that good eh? It's definatly one I want to attend. My only draw back is how far away from home it is, you know? San Fran isn't too far (I live in Vegas). Either way, it's on my top two choices right now! I just need to get out tehre and check it out, and such.

Glad it got such a good reaction! Lol. I go to an art school right now, and I know a kid trying to get in, and a few of my teachers have mentioned it to me as well. Everyone tells me that's the one to go to. I just really have to worry about getting in~

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