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Hmm...I think Saeto and AmazonMandy covered pretty much my own personal beliefs in peeves I'll put stuff in my own words though..This is probably going to come off as really harsh but I don't mean it to be. Heck,If I see anyone committing the things that personally annoy me it's not like I'm going to be rude to them or anything!

Well, let's see..Miyabi's list of things about cons/cosplay that annoy herIn no particular order)

1.) People that act uppity. You. Are. A. Geek. In. A. Costume. Like. The. Rest. Of. Us. Gurantee if you put someone in a elaborate costume next to someone in a less elaborate one, parade them down the street on a normal day they're BOTH gonna get whispered about equally. ^_^

2.) Lack of common sense/respect. And by this I mean the idiot kids who do stupid things like run down crowded halls with their arms flung straight out like an airplane. I swear to all that's holy and unholy if I"m almost clotheslined by ONE more Ed from "Cowboy Bebop"....Grrr!

3.) Sexy No Juutsu. Now before you all bite my head off....don't get me wrong..I've seen some really cute original sexy no juutsu costumes that I've loved to pieces but...well, I see it *mostly* as an excuse to dress in an overly revealing manner and try not to get flak for it. Plus only a few Naruto characters even HAVE a Sexy No Juutsu! Sexy no Juutsu Naruto: Cool! Sexy no Juutsu Sakura: Wha?O_o Unless it's a male-version Sakura it doesn't make sense.....

4.) Drama. "Omg! Did you hear so-and-so say this about so-and-so's costume?!" *gasp!* "No! Tell me more!" Unless you're one of the parties involved directly in a situation it's none of your business. Don't spread rumors and don't repeat them.

5.) Stalkers. Okay, I don't mind giving hugs and pictures at all! In fact I love talking to and meeting new people! But...don't follow me around and then pretend like you're not. It's scary! O_O

6.) No Touchie. If you want a hug..ask and you shall recieve! But please, do not hug me from behind, do not touch my costume without asking and above all do NOT glomp me. You will get unceremoniously dumped to the floor. I have a problem with glompers...a girl at Ohayo glomped my friend who has a bum ankle and nearly knocked her over! If I hadn't been standing right there to catch her....*sighs and shakes head*

7.) People getting flak for cosplaying "popular" characters. Who cares? If someone loves that character who are we to say they shouldn't cosplay it just because there happen to be a lot of other ones? I'm guilty of cosplaying a few popular characters but do I care? Nope! I love Inuyasha and Ed Elric and if I love them....I'm gonna cosplay them! ^_^
Hmm..that's all I can think of for right now..I'll probably end up adding
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