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Originally Posted by Rain Miko

*ehem* My cosplay pet peeves? The WalMart effect. Look, people, when you ask for a commission, keep in mind that things WILL be expensive. None of us (I hope) run factories in third-world countries that pay children minimum wage to sew your costumes or whatever. We're all doing this ourself, meaning that we have to hand-pick the supplies, materials, patterns, and whatever else is being needed. PLUS, we have to take time out of our schedule for your order. So again, don't expect things to be so cheap ^_~

>_> Yeeeeah.
Wouldn't be talking about me would we? I after doing some minor work myself and realizing how much work it is, do not even attempt to lowball people who do commision work, as I have absolutely no skill at sewing. I will try to get a good price though, but certainly not to the Walmart degree.

Anyone else agree with me?
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