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Originally Posted by Saeto
My final contribution's gonna be a rant about unprofessional judges and masquerade directors.

When you follow masquerade politics, you see a lot of unprofessional behavior from masquerade directors and judges. While browsing "god-awful cosplay sites" (which I do not condone and think are stupid), I've been surprised to find masquerade directors I know at such places, mocking the costumes entrants who just competed in their costume contests. This kind of behavior just astounds me. As a cosplay director, I believe it should be your goal to set a good example and run a fair contest. The entrants are placing their trust in you and by mocking them, you betray that trust.

I have also had the unfortunate personal experience of working with judges who have brought very bad behavior to the judging table. I've sat next to judges who wanted to get drunk on vodka during the masquerade, had to deal with judges who exhibited blatant favoritism towards their friends when making their judging decisions. I've also had to work with a judge who only wanted to judge entrants who were pretty girls, and if they weren't pretty, he didn't give them the time of day.

Quite sad that there are such people out there (and hilarious that some of these charming individuals are often the most vocal about expressing the need to have fair and honorably run masquerades).
Wow...I'm amazed at the drinking thing! I was a masq judge earlier this year and I don't know how they'd even think they'd have *time* to drink! O_O
The con we judged at had a somewhat bad masq in terms of judges/staff the year before so we strove to be very fair and nice and so far we have yet to hear any negative feedback regarding the judges or their choices in awards given. ^_^ I was very proud to have been a part of that!

Ahhh the "bad cosplay" sites. I admit to being a member of them (gotta watch and see if they put me or my friends on there! ^_^) but I don't say much...and if I do... I usually complain on people's behavior on those. ^_^
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