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Originally Posted by KonekoMiyabi
6.) No Touchie.
I am totally in on that. However, I very likely won't give out hugs to random people for any reason; I have a deep respect for one's personal space and those of others, and I hope that those who were courteous enough to ask for hugs were not offended if they were refused.

1.) For those of you who wear makeup...please realize that what rubs on will rub off. And no one desires the hassle of removing it.

2.) Glompers may cause embarrassment, especially if there is unwarranted photography, even if it's just for fun. If it's without permission, don't entertain yourselves at the cost of another's dignity.

Mind you, I'm not antisocial but there are cosplayers who may simply have a more reserved personality than others, but love the hobby all the same and don't want crazed glomps coming at them at 50mph. If I really admire someone's cosplay, I inquire for their picture.

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