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Originally Posted by Feral
I am peeved by those who call people in sexy costumes skanks
There's a big difference between sexy and skanky.

My pet peeve has probably already been mentioned. The signs, to me aren't that bad. And some of them are cute. Like the ninja with the "What ninja?" Sign.

But yeah, like mentioned earlier, the people who think they have the right to pick who should be able to cosplay and what not. Like 'Oh, you're not skinny enough to be so-and-so.

It's not really a big peeve of mine but yaoi fangirls. I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with yaoi, but whenever you're watching a skit you don't want to have someone behind you screaming 'yaoi~!' or ' Shove your tongue down his throat'. It gets old pretty quickly.
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