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GCAF Updates

Okay, we are having trouble getting our new information on our site so please bear with us. I've decided to post the updates here as well...So here goes:

First off, GCAF has set up a 2 week update timetable. Every two weeks, the site will be updated. So it will updated today and the next update will be Thurs. Feb 16th.

Our Guest section has been updated with three guests. There are:

Ayu-Ayu Performing Group*NEW*
'My Bad'*NEW*
Les Major

There will be a fourth guest in our next update.

Birthday Wishes is now over. Thank you to all that participated. ^_^

The location section is now updated with St. Catharines Transit information, Out of town information and Resturant Information.

Again, these will be up. They are finished but our server is alittle slow but we hope to have these up by later tonight.

^_^ Chu.
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