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I'm actually planning on pursueing my hobby as my career. My fairy costumes that are in my gallery are actualy original designs that are a part of one of my two portfolios which I'm working on in advaced placement art studio! As a sophmore I visited FIDM in San Fransisco for "Three days of Fashion" and to be quite honest I hated it. I didn't see any "work-type" rooms nor did I see a single sewing machine. When my mom asked if she could see the work room or even a sewing manchine...the college representatives totally blew her off. Anyway, a bit off topic....I'm also planning on visiting SCAD. They're big on fashion as well as art, therefore, I could still expand on my artistic side. Anyway, it's unofficail where I will be attending but my major is going to be costuming. I plan on focusing more so on theatre design as opposed to t.v. movie design because I think it would be much more interesting making show girl costumes as opposed to lousy dresses for some t.v show!
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