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Originally Posted by Vicky
This is a really great and cheap way of making a Katana. My boyfriend and I are going to try it for a cosplay he's doing (Jubei from Ninja Scroll) but we had a few questions that, between the two of us, couldn't figure out...

step 2: what does "running perpendicular to the length of the block so the holes are at the sides" mean?
step 20: "running parallel with the length of the blade"?
what happened to step 21?
step 24: Shapeding?

Lastly, would it be alright if we made a photo tutorial for this? i think a lot of people might find some of it confusing ^^;;
you want thoose holes to be at the side of the blade it makes it easyer to fill iin and smooth over with glue
with the grain running with then blade the handle pieces bend better

step 22 is step 21 thats just a typoe i missed and "shapeding" should just be shading

i'd have to spend a week+ building a sword i wouldn't be using just to make a photo tutorial for this i don't have that kinda time so if you want to make one sure why not just rember to put my name in the credits

and the total cost to build one of theese is about $12-15

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