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Originally Posted by livvylove
So any of you guys get the "what are you?" question. I swear that makes my eyes twitch whenever a gringo says it.
I get that all of the time! These days, it's usually, 'Are you Indian (not Native American)?' or 'Are you Italian?' When I was in college in SW Louisiana, people would ask me 'Are you black or white?' on a daily basis!

I am Mexican American, but there is some Spaniard and Irish on my mom's side as well. Most people have to ask me my heritage and it used to really offend me, but now I guess I have gotten desensitized to it, so I usually just give people a bored look.

My brother and I like to cosplay (well, he is just getting into it, AKon will be his first con to cosplay at!). I am making all of our costumes, but so far we have planned: Talim from SC3 and Kuroki Mio from PGSM Special Act for me, and Legato Bluesummer from Trigun and a secret cosplay for him.
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