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Many of the same issues with race being discussed are so similar to issues in the asian cosplayers thread...many people don't even get to the point of "mistaking" asian folk, they just figure we all look the same, so we gotta be chinese or something...

speaking of people mistaking you, i have even been mistaken before for being mexican...which the person who thought that, must have been on lsd or something, cause...well, just look at my avatar!!?! i'm korean mix and am semi-fluent in spanish, but to think i look the part, well that's a stretch!!

It seems whether you're black, hispanic, or asian, etc. we all share many similar experiences in life and in cosplay based on race (not personality or character, which has absolutely nothing to do with race!!!), with regards to cosplay in particular- cosplaying "light skinned" characters even though we have darker skin.....although i have a theory i can't prove, but i think asian folk are sometimes accepted a little more cause a lot of asians don't have really dark skin..? even in cosplay, peple will make comments to a black person like, "oh, it's nice to see a black rikku!", but an asian female cosplaying the same, nobody would comment at all..?..I'm thinking i should have started a "minority cosplayers" thread, and that would have been a lot better, and maybe create more unity even amongst us minorities!!

I posted in the black cosplayers thread one time commenting on something interesting one member posted, and i was completely ignored....i was a bit taken back so hopefully i don't get ignored or flamed for posting since i'm not hispanic.. Much love and respect- Happy St. Patty's Day!
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