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WIG COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN. Costumes are closed until August.

Hello! I do costuming and wig commissions. I accept Paypal and Money Orders. I and RELIABLE. (I've seen so many people get ripped off lately. Disgusting!)

If interested, please let me know 2-3 months before the due date. Please EMAIL me at dizzylizzycosplay(at) My PM box fills up a lot, plus I like to keep track of emails.

Due Date:

Here is my backgroud information:
I have been cosplaying since 2001 and have won many awards for construction. I am currently in the "craftsman" category for competing as well as judge at several conventions. I thought I'd bring this up to show my creditability and skills. ^^ Feel free to check the Commissioner Review thread out as well.

Here is my site:
Here is my full gallery with all my costumes and commissions I have done.

Take care!
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