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METROCON 2006 Costume Contest Official Details

Here are the official details.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me (my email is on my profile and on that page) or ask here. =^_^=v I will try to answer as fully and clearly as possible.

Here are a few of the main changes for this year in here as a quick reference. You will still need to visit the page for full details about the contest and how to enter.

~New awards! Best Small Group for groups with 2-5 members, Best Large Group for groups with 6-15 members, Best Character Likeness for the entry that looks the most like the character, and the Host Award is now an official award after Lauren Goodnight gave one last year!

~There is a group limit of 15 members

~No more waiting in the hallway for hours to be judged! Callback times will be given this year and we have our OWN PRIVATE ROOM that is directly connected to the main events room!

~Can't walk? Bring a friend to be your handler with you to be approved at judging. **Note: this is for the cosplayers that are entering solo and can't move well at all-for those of you that can walk on your own but may need help going up and down stairs there will be handlers provided at those points**

~Want to make a costume to enter but don't feel comfortable wearing it? Bring a friend to model!

~You need in-progress photos for any props being entered.

More information and Costume Contest FAQs available at the page linked above.

Can't wait to see everyone there!
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