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Hello I have been taking commissions since 2004. I only work on costumes I know I can work on examples: Sailor Fukus, dresses, kimonos, .I will not take an order that is out of my capabilities. The items I wont make are armour , huge props, or really complicated costumes examples: Lenneth ValKyrie Profile, Buster Swords, . I try to make the prices as fair as I can.

I can also styles wigs of the anime characters examples:Sailor Moon, short haired characters, fairly simple designs. I am also limited to styling the wigs.I cant style wigs such as examples: Cloud FF7 and the such. But it never hurts to ask what you want.

I always send a contract first if you want work done by me. That basically states that I am making such item for you.

To check out my work you can look under "Commissions" on my cosplay gallery. Or my commission website the link is located in my signature. Both sections are updated for every order I do. ^_^
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