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Originally Posted by DemonLordEtna
I am So excited about the costuem contest!!!
Will it be held on the sunday of MetroCon like it was last year?
Like Hime no Toki said, yes, it's Sunday. You come to sign up for pre-judging from 1pm-2:30pm (pre-judging will continue until 3, but we will not be accepting any more sign ups after 2:30). Line up is at 3 in the same room and the stage presentation is at 3:30.

In case anyone is concerned about the Chess Match encore show on Sunday: the sign ups, pre-judging, and stage presentation DO NOT conflict with each other. Most of the contest staff is in the match, of which include all three judges, so there will not be any conflicts whatsoever.

Also, the contest staff will all be marked so you are aware who are "in charge." If one of them tell you to be quiet or that your costume isn't appropriate, listen to them. =^.^=v
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