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Originally Posted by Lucifer
Kay two questions (based on knowledge of past years/contests/etc).

What happens if the chess match runs over? Is there a gap time to allow for the event to switch from one to the other?

If one isn't seeing the chess match, but intended to enter the costume, would they be able to get into a line so the second sign up starts they can be first to grab a spot?
1. Roy and I have discussed this. Thankfully, this is the encore performance so any problems we hit on Saturday can, in theory, be fixed on Sunday. Like I said, we have taken other precautions (you know about some, can't talk about them here in detail, though) to make sure there aren't any huge time issues.

2. Yes, we will have a line up set up ahead of time outside the pre-judging room. Everything will be marked off clearly and there will be signs up at "hot spots" (ie outside registration and the dealer room) giving details and times for the contest.
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