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Originally Posted by CosplayQueen
oh i have a question do yall like put it in catergorys like EGL and SL and stuff?
Yes, we have different catagories. It's all on the page, but I will quote them here:

-EGL/EGA*(Elegant Gothic Lolita/Elegant Gothic Aristocrat)
-Video Game
-Kowai (Scary)*********************
-Kawaii (Cute)

The last two are the themes for this year. Sweet Lolita will be classified under EGL/EGA.

Remember that you must make at LEAST 50% of your costume by hand. We will be looking at seams and other technical details. Plus when it comes to EGL my sister (who is the one that enters you into the computer to compete in the contest) is familiar with the mainstream brands (BtSSB, Body Line, Metamorphose, etc) so she might just notice a store-bought dress.
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