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i,ve decided i,m gonna make Bayman,s (from Dead Or Alive) main outfit. But theres a few garments i,m missing. The Beret, and the sleaveless jacket. I found a maroon coloured beret in frontline surplus for only £3.99. Trouble is they dont have one in my size (turns out i take a hat size 7 1/2 - 8).. I,m gonna try and ask FS to order in a size 8 maroon beret, but will they actually do it?. Otherwise i,ll have to pay £10 for one from an online supplier.

As for the sleavless waistcoat, buying a proper military one (good luck finding one thats orange!!!!!) will cost £20. Thats alot just for that. Or should i cheat and just buy a cheap black normal shirt and just cut the sleaves off?. I,ve decided, when i go to my first ever con, i,m going as Bayman.
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