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Hey, Thanks for the sweet words! I didn't leave. thanks for the kind PM. I have a funny story to tell about chocolate. Well, when the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory appeared, all over the world they sold Willy Wonkas chocolate. I also wanted to buy a bar and searched everywhere but didn't found it. Then I went to Daskalides (one of the best chocolatemakers in belgium) and asked if they sold Willy Wonkas chocolatebars. The lady went mad and said that we didn't need a Wonka to make Chocolate and she found him very Girlish!
That made me laugh so hard that everyone in the store looked at me. Then she took me by the arm and dragged me to the back of the store. THERE IT WAS! The Daskalides chocolatier (factory). Everyone was dressed in white with bonnets and plastic slippers on their feet. My mouth fell open. There were thousands and thousands of chocolates. ALL KINDS! She gave me a large bag and told me to take whatever I liked. I was just jumping arround to grab all that deliciouse chocolate. The best part is, I got the whole bag for FREE The lady told me finally that she had enough of people asking her of they had Willy Wonkas chocolate and I was the last drop but I got the whole price!
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