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I do commissions! PM me!
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Wink OK me too^_~

OK well I have done 3 commissions so far for costumes.^_^
-2 Inu yasha, FULL costumes
-One top only of Tenten from Naruto

I have also done 4 swords make from pure wood: sanded painted and detailed to perfection by me!! Yes I'am equiped properly to do wooden replicas of swords.

So far my best has been Rikus SOUL EATER from Kingdome Hearts.

I Have done Inu Yashas Tetsusigia 3 times!! 2 smaller versions, one in silver and one in white.They look good and carry around better in large crowds, but still give a nice size feel. Then one that IS OVER SIDED...65 inches!! thats over 5 feet!!

I have also have made every costume in my costume list so you can check those out as well^_^
You can see the results of the commissions in my photos in "commission!!"

Also take a look at the signature^_~ for more photos of the progress
And PM me with any ideas! Im open to anything I think I can handle!! THANKS!
Ive been pushed as far as I can go......
And now I comming BACK!
(Its A Ruby Tuesday Thing >_<)

You can see more pictures of commissions HERE^_^
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