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Ripje Van Winkle
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Well, Flemish people speaks Dutch. Welsh people speaks French. I live in the Flemish part so I speak Dutch. You don't worry about the language, Belgium is a place where we speak 3 (and sometimes even 4) different languages. So, where you go they would defently be able to help you. I myself speak 6 kinds of language: Dutch, French, German, English and Turkish. I'm a very social person that's why I wanted to learn somuch languages. This year I begun to study Japanese but it's very difficult.
Hope you come visit Belgium, it's really a great (small) country. I have a friend from South Carolina who came visit Belgium last year and she found it great. We have many historical buildings. Like in my city there is a castle who was been build in 1180 AD. It reminds me to the Moonkingdom

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