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I've been costuming since 1999 and have made over fifty costumes to date. I make costumes, accessories, and some props. I tend toward high end creations because I prefer to work with quality materials and my work is both durable and beautiful. I can work with just about any kind of fabric (spandex and PVC included) but I don't make armor (leather, metal, etc.) I'll be entering the textile arts program at Georgia State University this fall so I'm going to start experimenting with weaving and dying techniques soon.

I've recently started making nylon fairy wings and accessories, and my prices for these pieces are extremely competitive. I do both pre-made wings and fairy accessories as well as custom creations. Custom creations are only slightly more expensive than pre-made items.

You can see examples of my work here in my photo galleries, or feel free to visit my website at
Wonderland Clothier

Costumes for 2007: Ran (Texhnolyze), She-Ra (She-Ra: Princess of Power), Marie's Black Masquerade Gown (Sofia Coppola's Marie Antionette), EGA Plum Walking Suit (Original Design)

Cons for 2007: Katsucon (tentative), Animazement (tentative), MomoCon, Dragon*Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta

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