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(response from a msg forever ago) Thanks, Gainax. I've been to Fabric Town and it's fabulous.. I got everything I needed for 2 of my cosplays there But the foam I was refering to is extruded polystyrene for insulating houses (or making giant prop swords), not the squishy upholstery foam you find at fabric stores.

Kagato, I don't know which of those you're looking for, but if it's the rigid insulation kind, I think we're SOL. Meowl gave me a couple links to some construction material wholesalers in the area, but I haven't had time to look into them. I think we determined that the problem is no one in southern California NEEDS insulation in their houses!!! ^_^

Joe, hi nice to meet you. That's really cool about the green screen, I might have to take you up on that in the future.
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