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BambooCactus- Just to clarify, i too am trying to learn more about modern korean culture and am honored when non-korean folk take interest as well, the thoughts i offered in my above post, weren't how i think, just a general mentality that i am aware of that exists among many koreans/minorities i know. I'm half korean, even though i can half way decently read, write, speak korean, i get serious hate from some koreans myself! I don't know what to say, i am sorry you have had bad experiences with koreans. i hope this doesn't affect how you view us on!! we're not all that bad!!

ChaosButterfly- There was a manhwa thread a while might give you some good information on korean manga! There was also a thread on hanboks, traditional, elaborate korean clothing. I think it's great you are interested in korean culture!

So let's discuss cosplay/convention related things pertaining to korea!

I have been trying to obtain more information on current cosplay/convention and such in korea, and have a little information, but not a lot. In terms of anime, Wonderful Days is a pretty good korean anime....i will have much more to report next spring on current korean conventions and cosplay, as this will be my next trip to Seoul, where i intend on participating in cosplaying at a convention...

The other korean folk on this site may be much more helpful in providing information on korean anime/cosplay/convention culture than me!

**there are many things that i can share with you on korean culture, but not related to this forum, so i guess pm me if you are interested**
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