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hey wanted to tell you about a little bit of korean conventions. im not sure if you've been to korea or korean conventions before, but its very different from american ones. first of all, i was very surprised when i heard about the american conventions due to $$$$$ difference. holy crap, in korea conventions are about 5000won, thats like 5 dollars. in america, its like..what..50 dollars? about ten times the price! but its true that american cons are in nice hotels and all so they do deserve to get paid more. korean cons are held in convention centers, big centers usually used for business conventions and stuff. nobody sleeps in hotel for cons. they all just go home after convention and go back the next day. no need for hotel when public transportation is so well organized~ i personally find american cons better though, since there are so many programs and all. korean cons are more for looking at cosplayers, and huge dealers room. there arent many organized events.

and about your communication problem, im not gonna lie to you and say, oh dont worry about it~ cos it will be hard since its a homogeneous country with all korean speaking people. it also depends on how you look: if you look asian, its definitely gonna be harder since everyone is gonna speak to you in korean. if you look non-asian, its gonna be easier cos people are gonna know you dont speak korean. only young people can speak in english, that is, teens and people in their 20s mostly, and they all pretty much speak broken english. very bad english with limited words too ^^; but if you are lucky, you might be able to find people that lived in america. but thats a pretty slim chance.

i hope you luck on the trip in 2007 though. im sure it will be difficult but a lot of fun as well. to which part are you going? will you be visiting cons? if so, which one?

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