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^hi! thanks for the great information on the conventions in korea. My friend Hyun who live in Seoul has told me about a big Anime Con in the like May/June timeframe right in Seoul....she has been really busy with studies so she doesn't get too involved in cosplay activities at the moment...I have been to Korea, and somewhat know what to expect, though i was a lot younger...I will obviously be flying into Incheon and staying in Seoul for a week, then travelling to Busan, and maybe a few other locations, whatever my friends in Seoul plan for me to see. Total trip will be a month. I think i will be ok before i go because many of my korean friends in the US help me tons and tons in getting back to holding conversations in korean and helping me read better!! (i hate to read in english as well!! lol) Yeah, i have an american father, but i am very very asian looking, so that will be a blessing and a curse, people now in america will start talking to me very fast in korean, and i have to ask them to please slow way down, and then they speak english!!! lol...So as for the conventions, yeah the dealers rooms are HUGE in korea, i have so many souvenirs that my korean friends have sent......nice to meet more koreans on this site!
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