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Originally Posted by natsukoarts
DJ Izumi you are my hero(ine) as well (with that psycho awesome hair), you are so glam! I bet you'll look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! must get picteurs of your costume this weekend....
It shouldn't be too hard to get a nice set of photos plus anyon else who takes my picture with on the fly with thier digital camera, I'll ask them kindly to upload my pics to my laptop at the time. (It's such a pain to hunt down pics of you taken by other people AFTER the con) What I'm really eager is to do is fine a decent looking boy (Maybe more that decent, considdering the average looks of boys at cons. >_> ) to model with with me and take a bunch of cute, yaoi style pics similar to the stuff from the doujin that gave me the idea to do the costume. ( Like this )

But the bangs have me upset for other reasons. Shut cut them too short for my liking more to the side which I needed to grow longer. Cause I want my bangs to be right to do Shou from Angel's Feather in November. I'm mean sure, my hair isn't as long as his, but getting the hair at the front accurate is what really counts. When you're not relying on a wig, there's a point where 'long' is still long weather it's 24 inches long or 48 inches long.


Though I do plan to eventually get my hair that long. Mwa.
<DJ_Izumi> The apparent prevalence of gender dysphoria and even some gender identity disorder on Cosplay.coms crossplay forum disturbs me.
<Kate6> Really?
<DJ_Izumi> It's like a transsexual spawning pool. O_o
<Kate6> Then why do you go there?
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