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Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Sorry but I was taking my own pictures and with only a 10 second timer I did my best to get a decent shot. I think I was a bit shy too, that is why I held the HK bag that way. I have been growing my nails for the Con and had painted them pink for the pictures and at the last minute got shy about them and hid my hands. Hmmm, I am wearing a dress and I am shy about pink nails??? I question my own sanity with that. hehehe

Anyways I thought about the white stockings but can only find tights. I really wanted to do thigh highs. Someone sent me a PM about Asuka being from a hentai type of game so I figured that even though she is young I might make her a little sexy with thigh highs. Also I have given up on the shoes. I was looking for maryjanes with heels like the ones Anja has in one picture and could not find them anywhere so I ended up buying some black sandals and white stockings just wont do. I'm not a girl but I know better than to make that awful combination. LOL

Hope to see you all there and have the best first ever CON.


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