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~Props and Armor~

No matter how complicated, large, or small. Weither you need it next year or next week. I will commision props and armor.
Anything from a pendent to a full gundam suit.

I work with your price range; if you are going low cost, then I will tell you about cheaper materials and/or construction methods to fit your price range. I work with everything from hot glue to fiberglass.

If you contact me, I will work with you to insure the highest quality product possible; weither its over the phone or through email, untill everything is layed out to the "t". It is of the utmost importance that we are able to communicate so that there are no "supprises" down the road.

Most times, If you want a prop that I have allready made, the price will be drastically lower than for one that I have yet to make.

Needless to say the more intricate your request is the longer it will take and the more it will cost. For the more expensive commisions you may be required to pay half of the final cost up front for materials for the commision.

I have learned half of what I know from the internet and half from experience. If asked, I will gladly suggest methods for making the prop yourself or, if need be, I will give tips and advice on howto work with different materials.

Contacting me is free, and I am always willing to answer any of your questions.

PM me here, EMAIL me at, or just head to the website.
~Yuni's the name, Prop's & Armor are my game.~

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