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J-rock Hairstyles

Umm, first off, if this is the wrong thread (like should it go in the hair and wig forums? Not sure, sorry!) please tell me so I can post it there... or move it. x.x;

I'm getting my hair cut in a few weeks, and I'm thinking if something a little j-rockish or something... but I can't find a site or anything that has hairstyles on it. =\
Right now basically I'm just kind of scared that it'll look bad (barber person cut it all wrong), last time I didn't like my haircut I cried for about 3 days straight. @_@; I was very unhappy. ;_;

This is kind of a silly questiong to ask, but does anyone have a site that has some j-rock styles on it? I would love you forever. XD

My hair is fairly-dark brown (natural, I can't really dye it though... mum wouldn't like that o.o; ) and thick, kind wavy and about 3-4 inches past my shoulders. ^^; (if i can get a pic, I'll post it. =3 lol)

Thankyou! ^___^


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