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Well I'm kind of new to commisioning but I feel I'm up to the challenge. I am now commisioning props including but not limited to swords, sheaths, guns, staffs....basically weapons I can do other things too but I've mainly made weapons in the past. If you want to see some of my work check out my props section in my photo gallery

My best props so far that I've made for myself are my Tusken Raider mask (made from a kit), Master Sword, and Master Sword Sheath which I havent got pictures up of yet. Feel free to drop me a PM or email me at

If you have something you want made email me and I'll come up with an estimate which is subject to change depending on how fast you need it and how much work it ends up being. Also you will need to pay for supplies up front. Thanks ^_^

Cosplay's in Progress

Prince of Persia-75%
Nikolai Orelov-10%
Vash The Stampede-Planned
Ezio Auditore Brotherhood-15%

One Tailed Wonders leather work Commissions look for us on Facebook
Legend of Zelda and Assassin's Creed items available contact either of us for details

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