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Whoo! On one of my random visits to this board, I think I'll post ^___^

My name is Sam, and I run We (myself and Chris) make cosplay costumes, accessories, and some wigs & props.

So far, we have filled over 400 orders, and made over 90 different costumes & props that have been purchased by customers. We've been taking commissions since somewhere in 2003-ish. We're equipped to do everything from uniforms to custom embroidery, to plastic fabrications and some woodworking as well. We've also just started working on making accessories, clothing, and cosplay for Dollfies and other similarly-sized Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.

As a bit of a background, I am currently at the Univeristy of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, working on a BFA in Costume Production. See, all I'm going to be doing is costuming for the rest of my school life ^___^ And then beyond. Oh, and we are also a registered business, I hope that may help you feel a little bit better. Check out or customer feedback as well, and you'll see pictures and comments from our past customers. I haven't sold on eBay very much for the past few years, but you can see what we have for feedback (all positive) under taeliacstudio_cosplay

I also try to keep my gallery on up to date, so you can check there for some of the costumes we've made, or you can watch me on DeviantArt to see the latest pieces!

Thanks all ^________^

We're currently very limited on space, so if you would like a commission, please consider inquiring quite a while ahead of time - we can only work on one or so commission per month, because of school (we're in classes from about 9 in the morning until either 8 or 9:30 at night every day but Friday!).

Also! We are taking wig commissions at a discount, in order to get some more experience with them. Taeliac has had 3 workshops with a Broadway Wigmaster, but would like more experience with cosplay wigs, not theatre wigs. All wig commissions will be done for material, supply and shipping cost only - get these while we're offering them this cheap!

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