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Originally Posted by dieddead46
Hey. I want my hair done like this
But Im nost sure what colours I should have put in it. Naturally my hairs pretty dark brown so I dont really wanna go with anything uber blond since Ive got dark eyes and eyebrows, but I wouldnt mind a bit of blonde in there somewhere. Any suggestions?
Wow, that's a cute pic! ^^ tee hee

Well, most J-rockers go down the route of highlighting parts of their hair. Most Japanese indies bands do that sort of thing. And since you have brown hair, you can play around with it all you want! Blonde is always the best to put in as highlights b/c it contrasts with yoiur brown hair. Or maybe you can put in red or orange highlights, or do a combination of all three! If you want a sharper look, try and dye all of your hair black and then do the highlights.
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