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Originally Posted by inuashley
Hey! Yeah, it's true, I live in Westlake Village, I don't even know what county I live in... ><' But I'm a cosplaying otaku, so I meet the other two requirements! By the way, I changed my mind about cosplaying Sasuke, and I am now indecisive - what should I cosplay as? Choices: Summoner Yuna, Sasuke, SNJ Sasuke, Misao Makimachi, Haruno Sakura, Hitsugaya Toushirou. Somebody please help me!

I know if I get the captain's robe done I'm going as SoiFong. I have the hakama, the haulter, the yellow obi and the white obi done. Oh, an the sleeve's to the captain's robe is done to. Still working on the wig, tho, its an pain the @$$. An I started this when Friday, I've been an busy little bee.

But, it depends on what you feel like wearing Saturday or you can do this. Lay out which ones you think you may want to wear, look at them and the one that draws your eyes the most is the one you will wear. I do this most of the time, funny, huh? But, either way, whatever you choose to wear is ok, as long it doesn't overly show alot of skin, being its in an park near alot of traffic.
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