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I am currently available to take upon several plush commissions. I can do a variety of different plush. I offer many services to suit your needs.

These are the type of plushies I can offer to make you:

Mini custom plushies (2-3") - $5 - $15

Mini moogle plushie keychains (2-3") - $5

Mini Heartless plushie keychains (2-3") - $5

Heartless Plushies (7-9") - $20

UFO Custom made plushies -

Small (5-7") - $35
Medium (8-10") - $40
Large (10-12") - $45

Original Custom Made Plushies -

Small (5-7") - $30
Medium (8-10") - $35
Large (10-12") - $40

I start my prices basing of of felt material and the time it takes to make it. You are welcome to choose whatever material you wish, but the basic prices will change accordingly. I use a variety of felt, fleece, suede, microplush, velbroa, etc. The prices above are the starting price based of felt material.

For more examples, please check my deviant site:

If your interested in purchasing a custom plush from me or have any questions about my services, please contact me via IM or PM or email. Thank you!

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