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lol yeah actually my hair is parted to the side at the moment causei was trying to do something with it until i get my mom to cave and let me get it cut and lol your right im really not the pink type but i also have to pease my mom if it was up to me it would be orange or something outragous like that but yeah i dont know what other colors really cause my hair dosent hold color that well and its dark
Mom? How come? Why are they burying daddy? Who are those people? Why are they burying him? They can't! I don't like it! Daddy said he had lots of work to do and if they bury him, he can't do it when he wakes up! Stop them, mommy!! Daddy needs to do his work. He told me! Why are they burying daddy, mommy? Why? DADDY WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

This has to be one of the sadest moments in anime history

Lt. Mages Hughs
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