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I'm thinking about dyeing my hair. But I'm not sure how. I think I may just do my bottom layer, but I'm not sure of that, and I cannot pick a color. I'm not at all willing to bleach my hair right now. I know it won't show up as well. And if I can only get semi-permanent dye/rinse, that would be awesome. It's probably not a style I'd like to maintain just yet. I'd like to test it as loosely as possible first. I'm actually considering getting it cut again. Every time I cut it, I want to cut more. But since it's so curly, I feel a bit... Held back.

My hair straight, and in the morning.

However, my hair tends to be pretty disastrous (I'm mixed):

Neither of the bottom two have gel (well, the first one actually did, but... it explains itself, lol)- and I NEVER leave the house without any. I just wanted to give you an idea of how awful my hair can be.

I promise you my hair doesn't always look that bad, so don't be mean. I just don't have any better pictures right now. Maybe this one, but my hair will probably never look like this again:
Hump hump.
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