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Originally Posted by astillar
You are awesome. Heh heh heh. But yeah, Molotov is probably the female Venture Brother character most deserving of a cosplay. She's the only repeat female aside from Dr. Girlfriend. Plus she can hold he own against Brock, which makes her uber bad-ass. Really though, almost all of the characters are cos-worthy.
It's just 'cause I'm so darn loveable, I guess.

Molotov is the only repeat female aside from Dr. Girlfriend... if we have, in fact, verified that Dr. Girlfriend is indeed a girl. I really think nothing beat the bit in season 1 where she and Brock had that battle in the motel room. That, and the fact that she was working to recover David Bowie's companda. Oh, and she's got a chastity belt. Any character who wears a chastity belt is worth doing.

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