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Originally Posted by Hayezer
yay! just the thread i was looking for, lol. so yea, i need some fast advice cuz im getting my hair cut tomorrow @_@ i have long thick hair and id like to keep it long, so the shortest id want it to be is roughly shoulder length. I want kinda long-in-face angled bangs. i have a side part if this is an issue, but i can part it in different ways. i also would like lots of layers, some thing spunky and fun that i able to style in more than one way. here r some pics of my hair.
this was a while ago so my bangs are longer(below my chin)
my hair is kinda wavy, this is wavy on a good day(i alomst always straighten it)
emo, i know

all help is welcome! pics would be godly! thanks!
lol I dunno if I can bring this all in one, with the whole "styling it in many ways" but angled bangs and layers I might be able to help you with...^^'

Karyu, his bangs are angled, very short on one side and then choppily gets longer on the other side. His hair...I guess it's layered...(are you looking for the screaming hair layered, or a more suttle set of layers?)

Uruha, with his angled bangs, but look much more like side bangs. Now with his layers, they look much lighter and nimbled, and not so choppy. (I love his lips X3)

Shinya, his layered look is very obvious. Angled bangs, it's there too, just a little shorter than the prior j-rockers.

lol I hope that helps...and this is all from an artist's standpoint...^^' The technicality of the help would have to come out of someone else's mouth...

btw, you have beautiful hair! X3

Okay, now I need some help, you guys...^^' I'm gonna get my hair cut on Saturday, so....yeah. Well I've already mentioned that I can't get a wild and crazy j-rock haircut, end of that discussion. BUT, I might be able to get a more subtle j-rock look. This is what I'm thinking about doing.

Well, lol, I already cut me some side bangs (I guess you can say it kinda comes from the Reita bangs...I dunno), but now to get the rest of my hair cut. My hair is about two, maybe three, inches past my shoulders, and what I want to do is to cut the front most part of my hair (not the bangs), short enough so that I can tie it up, and then leave the back of my hair the length it was...and let it grow...*_* So what do you think? Should I do it or not? Is there anyway I can use my bangs to my advantage? Or a way I can cut them to look good with that sort of haircut?

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